• Process Services
    • Review, Development, Improvement, and Execution
  • ServiceNow
    • microMSP: Subscription (Go Live Today!!): $150/Process User/Month.  No Set-up Fees
    • remoteADMIN: Fixed annual fee, unlimited support and configuration
    • newCustomer: Implementation & Integration

CeM is committed to making your organization the envy of your peers.  A process need not be a lengthy manuscript, but a simple set of instructions for completing a task.  When these processes are mapped to a single system of record, the power is unleashed.

Operate at the top level

  • Business Services can be built, managed, maintained, and retired
  • Projects start with the Gantt they don’t end
  • Put an end to lost, forgotten, and delayed tasks

Cost and transparency are the top reasons CIO’s give for selecting ServiceNow.  With CeM, the costs are fixed and with ServiceNow reporting you’ll always be “In the Know.



It has been some time since we last spoke.  My business model has evolved and I am selling and supporting the full Service Management Suite on a per seat basis with no minimum and no set-up fees.


For example, I have a local client in San Francisco.  They are a global 550 employee company with an IT staff of 11.  They have no servers, no database and no configuration to support.  The SaaS model eliminates local expense.  The unlimited configuration support is yours forever from day one.



  • We can go live any day you want, even today!

o Provide a flat file of users or connect via LDAPs

  • CMDB, Import or connect to your asset management tool (LANDesk, Altiris, SCORM, SMS).
  • Incident, Problem, Change: forms and processes ready to go..

o Configuration? No problem.  We can go live first and implement changes as you are ready or wait and do the big bang delivery.

  • Service Catalog, Knowledgebase, SLAs, Reports, Forms, Emails all ready to go.
  • Take your projects beyond the Gantt chart.  Execute them by task and provide your CxO’s up to date status on your intranet through public reports
  • Track Time and costs by tech, department, location, etc.


Cost $150/seat/month.  Long term price stabilization guarantees.

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